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    Choosing a score sheet may be the most daunting of all tasks faced by a Scrabble® player. Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? I mean, it's just a piece of paper, right?

    Hardly. Score sheets are the "central computation area" of the Scrabble® game. If you're playing a game or reviewing it later, these sheets store a lot of information. During a game, you need a format you're comfortable with. An awkward format can cost time and even cause you to make game-losing errors! Ask any veteran player who's had to use different score sheet on occasion (e.g. they forgot their own) how annoying it can be.

    Their importance makes score cards an extremely personal choice. People's preferences vary greatly. Big scoring area or little? Horizontal or vertical adding? One or two per page? Is there a board diagram? Lots of note space? The biggest variance is in tracking letters: Big or little? Boxed or plain? Black-on-white or white-on-black? Alphabetical ordering or vowel/consonant? Do you even want tracking letters on there?

    So many questions. To a new player trying to choose a score sheet style, it can be very confusing. The Score Sheet Archive tries to help!

    This archive contains score sheets from many different tournament Scrabble® players. Although nearly all of them have been playing for a long time, the ratings of players who submitted these sheets vary greatly. No two are alike!

    If you find a sheet design you like, print it out and try it! You might find it's just what you're looking for. More likely, however, you'll probably find a sheet that you like the general style of, but will want to make minor modifications to better suit your needs. In that case you can design your own score sheet based on the one(s) you like. Or, with some sheets, you can download the sheet in word processor or spreadsheet format and make changes on your computer.

    NOTE: Unless a sheet is labelled "public domain", copyright remains with the sheet designer, even if no name or copyright notice is present on the sheet. For most sheets, the designers have granted us special permission to distribute them on this site. This means that sheets may be printed for your own personal use but should also not be duplicated, or redistributed (either electronically or in hard copy).

    Instructions on printing the sheets in this archive.