Calgary Scrabble Group


Spring Tournament

Sat Apr 01 2023 to Sun Apr 02 2023

Calgary, AB


West Hillhurst Gogetters
1940 6 Ave. NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0W3

Calgary, AB


  14 Games, likely two divisions.
  Entry Fee $50.00
  WGPO Rated
  Dictionary: TWL18 (CSW21 by consent, game by game basis)

Any player that wishes to play up is permitted to do so, (but considering parity so as to avoid double byes in small divisions.)

Schedule 8 rounds on Saturday (setup at 8:30am, play begins at 9:00am) and 6 rounds on Sunday. We should be finished by 16h00 on Sunday.

Collins By Consent

CSW21 may be used on a game by game basis, but only if both players agree. Otherwise TWL18 will be used. All games will be rated by WGPO as TWL, regardless of the lexicon chosen. To avoid disputes, players must mark the LEXICON = TWL or CSW on the tally slip, and both players must initial it. If the lexicon is not marked, and a dispute arises, the game will be assumed to be in TWL18.

The Challenge rule will be double-challenge for TWL, and the 5-pt rule for CSW.

Two computers will be provided to adjudicate challenges, one for TWL one for CSW.

Covid Protocol

Players will be required to be double vaccinated (and show proof) as of Mar 15th 2023. There is no option to provide a negative Covid test, as mandated by WGPO and Calgary Scrabble Club policies. Also MASKS must be warn at all times.

For more information please see our previous article Covid Protocol for play at WHGG.


Here is the list of WGPO Entrants, but to be added to the list and to play in the tournament, you must sign up and join WGPO. Please do so before the tournament.


Juraj Pivovarov, j.pivovarov@gmail.com
Siri Tillekeratne, sirit@shaw.ca

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