Calgary Scrabble Group


Meeting Details

West Hillhurst Community Centre
Go-Getters Room
1940 6th Avenue NW
NOTE: Please use the outside door in the SW corner!
NOTE: See the News Page for change-of-venue announcements for when the hall is booked (rare).
Thursdays, 6:45pm - 9:45pm. 3 rounds.
Sundays, 12:00pm - 5:00pm. 5 rounds
Please arrive 15 min early - to get paired and pay your admission fee. NOTE: See the News Page for cancellation announcements due to holidays, etc. (rare)
Thursday: $3.00
Sunday: $5.00
includes coffee/juice & snacks. Advance purchase of 10 sessions for $27.00 is available.
A $25.00 yearly membership fee must be paid by those who attend more than one meeting. This helps cover our room rental. The year runs from Sept 1st to Aug 31st. For those attending infrequently, we offer a +$2/night surcharge option with no membership.
Thurs: 4-player round-robin groups (3 games) in a ladder system.
Sun: King-of-the-hill (5 games)
What to
Please bring score sheets (or plain paper) and a pen/pencil.
Also, please bring any of the following items if you have them:
Deluxe Scrabble® Set
Chess Clock
Coffee Mug
Please see our Contacts Page if you wish to ask specific questions.