Calgary Scrabble Group


Annual Membership fees: $20/year

Posted by Juraj on Mon November 11, 2013 at 16h14
Most members are used to paying a $10 annual fee to play scrabble at the West Hillhurst Community Centre. The rate has unfortunately gone up to $20/year recently since the club will no longer be subsidizing this cost. Here is a summary of costs, from our Meeting Time page:
  • $3.00 per night, includes coffee/juice & snacks.
  • Advance purchase of 10 sessions for $27.00 is available.
  • A $20.00 yearly membership fee must be paid by those who attend more than one meeting. This helps cover our room rental. The year runs from Sept 1st to Aug 31st. For those attending infrequently, we will offer a $5/night fee, and no membership.

Thanks for helping out the club by paying this as soon as you can. Calgary has one of the biggest and best Scrabble clubs in North America. It is still a steal to only pay the low fees we have. We sincerely thank you for your continued support.