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Printing Scoresheets

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All score sheets in the archive are available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To view and print them, you need Acrobat Reader or an equivalent program.

If your browser has the PDF plugin installed, you will be able to view the file in your browser as soon as you click the [PDF] link. Otherwise, you'll be asked to save the file, after which you can load it into Acrobat Reader.

To print the PDF files, simply choose Print from the File menu, or click the printer icon in the toolbar. You will then be shown the Print Options box. IMPORTANT: Be sure the Print as Image option is checked!. You may also need to check the Shrink Oversized Pages option if the sheet doesn't look like it fits all on the page in the preview in the corner.

Some of the score sheets were sent to me electronically in other formats. For these sheets, I have made the original format available in addition to the PDF format. Common formats include Word, Excel, and WordPerfect. Files in these formats can be loaded into the appropriate program and printed or modified from there.